help us help others dress with as much style as you and sell or exchange your beautiful pieces for cash or store credit.

sell/exchange process:

- i pay 30% cash or 50% store credit (valid for 6 months) of the value i will sell your item at.

- ensure your items are clean, folded and in perfect condition. please do not bring items that have buttons missing, holes, rips, stains or have not been washed. if you wouldn't buy it in the condition it is in, neither will anyone else.

- your items can be assessed whilst you browse the boutique or can be left for a maximum 48hrs to be assessed. items left longer then 48hrs will be donated. i do not take responsibility for items left overnight.

- LTL does not always accept items. there are times when I do not need new stock. there are pieces I wont or will accept due to supply and demand, current trends, upcoming events, current season etc. please do not be offended if I don't accept your items. i know what sells and i know what people are after and what i need in-store, so i am very picky about what i accept.

- i don't accept all labels/brands. some of the labels/brands i do not accept include target, emerson, k-mart, cotton on, valleygirl, supre, tempt, betts, ice designs, ally. if you are unsure of whether i will accept the labels/brands you have, please ask me before you bring them in.

- i accept some no-label items, handmade and vintage pieces that are in perfect condition.

- if you are bringing shoes, please ensure they are well looked after, have not been worn too many times and are not too old. unfortunately, the top end weather wrecks havoc on shoes and many older shoes fall apart quite easily, especially if they have been sitting in a cupboard for an extended period of time. i will test shoes by bending the soles to ensure they do not fall apart (i have seen it happen many times).

- if you have any enquiries regarding the LTL exchange process, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss it further. i am more than happy to accept and respond to facebook messages.

*To sell items, you must be over 18 and provide valid photo ID. your information will always remain confidential.